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10 Outdated Things Boomers Always Keep in Their House and Use

Landline Phones

Despite the prevalence of smartphones, many Boomers still hold onto their trusty landlines. They appreciate the reliability and familiarity of a physical phone, especially in case of emergencies or power outages

Fax Machines

While email and digital communication reign supreme, some Boomers cling to fax machines. They might use them for specific situations where faxing is still preferred


Before the internet, encyclopedias were the go-to source for information. Boomer households might still have a set of these dusty volumes on their shelves

Film Cameras

Digital photography has revolutionized capturing memories, but  Boomers might still have film cameras tucked away. They appreciate the process and artistry of film photography

Answering Machines

In the pre-voicemail era, answering machines took messages when you were unavailable. While voicemail is now the norm, some Boomers might have a nostalgic attachment to their answering machines

Wall Calendars

Even with digital reminders and calendars on smartphones, many Boomers prefer the physical presence of wall calendars.  They can offer a visual overview of the month's plans

Address Books

Digital contacts lists have largely replaced address books, but some Boomers still keep physical records. They might value the ease of flipping through an address book or find it a more reliable backup

Rotary Phones

While not as common, some Boomers might have rotary phones hanging around for decorative purposes or a connection to the past.  The act of dialing with a rotary mechanism can be a nostalgic

VHS Tapes

Before streaming services and DVDs, VHS tapes were the go-to format for watching movies and TV shows.  Boomers might have extensive VHS collections, holding onto cherished films and memories

Record Players

Vinyl records have experienced a resurgence in popularity, but for some Boomers, record players have never gone out of style. They appreciate the warm sound quality and the ritual of carefully selecting and playing a record