5 Hidden Gems of New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Rooftop Views

like rooftop bars and lounges offering exclusive views of the Times Square ball drop. Enjoy a more intimate celebration while still soaking in the festive atmosphere.

Private Events

These hidden gems provide a more personalized New Year's Eve experience with curated menus, entertainment, and a touch of luxury.

Alternative Viewing

Seek out lesser-known locations around Times Square, such as specific street corners or parks, for unique and less-crowded vantage points to witness the iconic ball drop.

Pre-Party Hotspots

Discover hidden pre-party hotspots in the vicinity of Times Square. These venues often host vibrant celebrations leading up to the main event

Pop-Up Performances

Hidden gems like impromptu concerts or street artists can add an unexpected and delightful touch to your New Year's Eve celebration.