8 Clothing Items That Make You Look Dated, Stylists Say

Elastic-waist jeans

The design is automatically associated with old age, making anyone appear older than reality," she explains.

Novelty prints

Any bold pattern is going to attract attention to your outfit, but you want to be sure it's the right type of attention.

Loud brand names

Huge logos on clothing are another no-no, says stylist and fashion influencer Leah Wise, the founder of CrashGal Couture.

Shoulder pads

Is there anything more emblematic of '80s and '90s fashion than shoulder pads? Kosich notes that these are actually back in style but in a much more subtle way.

Velour or terry tracksuits

These velour and terry tracksuits are another throwback look that Kosich says has come back with modifications.


Always remember, neons are like time capsules of another fashion decade and will make you, too, look from a different era," asserts Kosich.


Sunglasses protect our eyes, so, of course, function is the priority in this category.

Skinny jeans

Last but not least is perhaps the most polarizing piece of denim we've seen in our lifetimes—skinny jeans. Stylists agree that these pants are no longer in fashion.