Artisan Sourdough Bread: Rustic Baking Made Easy


Experience the charm of rustic baking with our easy artisan sourdough bread recipe, perfect for both beginners and seasoned bakers.


To make artisan sourdough bread, you need only four ingredients: flour, water, salt, and a sourdough starter.

Creating the Starter

Begin by creating a sourdough starter. Mix equal parts flour and water, and let it ferment over 5-7 days, feeding it daily.

Mixing the Dough

Once your starter is ready, mix it with more flour, water, and salt to form your dough. Allow it to rest for 30 minutes.


Let the mixed dough rest (autolyse) for 30 minutes. This process allows the flour to fully hydrate and the gluten to start developing.


Knead the dough gently for about 5-10 minutes to develop its gluten structure, ensuring a perfect texture.

Bulk Fermentation

Allow the dough to rise at room temperature for 3-4 hours. This bulk fermentation process builds flavor and texture.

Stretch and Fold

Perform stretch and fold techniques every 30 minutes during the bulk fermentation. This helps strengthen the dough without extensive kneading.

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