Exploring Yorkie Breeds: 10 Varieties to Uncover

The classic Yorkie breed, known for its small size, silky coat, and feisty personality, making it a popular choice for companionship.

Standard Yorkshire Terrier

A miniature version of the standard Yorkie, bred for even smaller size, often weighing less than four pounds as adults.

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

Characterized by their distinctive tri-colored coat pattern, Biewer Yorkies are a rare and sought-after variation of the breed.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Parti Yorkies feature unique coat coloring with patches of white alongside the traditional blue and tan hues, adding a playful twist to the breed's appearance.

Parti Yorkshire Terrier

This variety showcases a rich chocolate-colored coat, a deviation from the standard blue and tan coloring, providing a unique and eye-catching look.

Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier

Similar to the standard Yorkie but with a predominantly black coat and tan markings, offering a striking contrast in appearance.

Tan Yorkshire Terrier

These Yorkies have a luscious golden coat, standing out from the traditional blue and tan variations with their warm and vibrant coloring.

Golden Yorkshire Terrier

Combining the distinctive parti coloring with the merle pattern, these Yorkies exhibit a mesmerizing and unique coat pattern.

Parti Merle Yorkshire Terrier

Silver Yorkies boast a stunning silver-gray coat, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the breed's appearance.

Silver Yorkshire Terrier