Game Day Glory: Exploring the Miami Dolphins' Memorable Moments

The Perfect Season

Relive the historic 1972 season as the Dolphins achieved perfection with a 17-0 record, a feat unmatched in NFL history.

Super Bowl

Explore the glory of Super Bowl VII, where the Dolphins secured their second consecutive championship, capping the perfect season.

Record-Breaking Moments

Highlight Dan Marino's game day brilliance, from breaking passing records to leading thrilling comebacks throughout his illustrious career.

The Miracle in Miami

Recall the unforgettable "Miracle in Miami" play in 2018, where the Dolphins executed a miraculous last-second lateral for a game-winning touchdown against the Patriots.

Wildcat Formation

Witness the debut of the Wildcat formation in 2008, a game-changing strategy that took the league by storm and revitalized the Dolphins' offense.

AFC Championship

Celebrate the Dolphins' AFC Championship victories, showcasing pivotal moments on the road to Super Bowl glory.

Memorable Rivalry

Explore intense rivalry games, such as matchups against the Jets, Bills, and Patriots, featuring iconic plays and dramatic finishes.

Defensive Dominance

Relish in the defensive brilliance of Jason Taylor, witnessing his impactful plays and memorable moments that defined an era.


Revisit the iconic "Hook and Lateral" play in the 1981 playoffs, a daring and successful trick play that secured a dramatic win against the Chargers.