Here is the full draw for AFCON 2023

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Group Allocation

Present the allocation of teams into their respective groups for the AFCON 2023 tournament, showcasing the matchups and potential rivalries.

Host Country's Group

Highlight which group the host country is placed in, emphasizing the significance of their role in the tournament.

Tournament Structure

Discuss the structure of the draw, including the number of groups, teams per group, and the format for advancing to the knockout stage.

Seedings and Rankings

Explain any seeding or ranking systems used in the draw process, providing context for how teams were allocated to their groups.

Key Matchups

Identify notable matchups within each group, highlighting potential clashes between strong teams or regional rivals.

Underdog Opportunities

Explore opportunities for underdog teams in certain groups to advance to the knockout stage, based on the draw results.

Predictions and Expectations

Offer predictions and expectations for each group based on the draw results, including which teams are likely to advance to the next stage.

Impact on Tournament Dynamics

Discuss how the draw results may influence the overall dynamics and competitiveness of the AFCON 2023 tournament.