New Balance 327 vs. 574: Which Retro Sneaker Reigns Supreme

Design Heritage

The New Balance 327 and 574 both embody retro aesthetics, but while the 327 draws inspiration from 1970s running shoes, the 574 reflects the design ethos of the 1980s.

Silhouette and Branding

The 327 features a sleeker silhouette with oversized "N" logos, whereas the 574 has a more traditional sneaker shape with smaller branding details.

Comfort Technology

Both sneakers prioritize comfort, but the 327 tends to offer more lightweight cushioning and breathable materials, while the 574 focuses on stability and support.

Versatility in Style

the 327 leans towards a more fashion-forward aesthetic, ideal for athleisure looks, while the 574 is a classic choice suitable for various casual outfits.


The 574 is known for its durable construction and rugged outsole, making it a reliable option for everyday wear, while the 327 may prioritize style over ruggedness.

Pricing and Value

The 574 is often seen as a more budget-friendly option, while the 327 may come with a higher price tag due to its fashion-forward appeal.

Iconic Status

Both sneakers have achieved iconic status within the New Balance lineup, with loyal fan bases appreciating their respective design heritages.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the choice between the 327 and 574 comes down to personal preference, with each sneaker offering its unique blend of style, comfort, and heritage appeal.

Fashion vs. Function

Consider whether you prioritize fashion or function in your footwear choice. The 327 leans towards fashion, while the 574 may offer more practicality.