Nutritious Sourdough Bread: Tips for a Perfect Loaf


Discover the secrets to baking nutritious sourdough bread at home, packed with flavor and health benefits.

Choosing Ingredients

Opt for high-quality flour, preferably whole grain, to maximize nutritional value. Use filtered water and sea salt for added minerals.

Preparing the Starter

Maintain a healthy sourdough starter by feeding it regularly with equal parts flour and water. A vibrant starter ensures a nutritious loaf.

Mixing the Dough

Combine flour, water, salt, and starter to form the dough. Adjust hydration levels for desired texture and enhance flavor with longer fermentation.


Allow the dough to rest after mixing to improve gluten development and hydration. This step results in a lighter, more digestible bread.


Extend fermentation time during bulk rise to enhance nutrient absorption and break down gluten, making it easier to digest.


Shape the dough gently to maintain air pockets and structure. Proper shaping ensures an even rise and a visually appealing loaf.


Score the dough before baking to control expansion and release steam. This step promotes a crisp crust and prevents splitting.

Quick and Tasty Sourdough Bread Recipe