Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie: Oaty Cookie Crumble

Rolled Oats Base

Start with rolled oats as the base of the smoothie, providing a hearty texture and a boost of fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Banana for Creaminess

A ripe banana adds natural sweetness and creaminess to the smoothie, mimicking the texture of a freshly baked oatmeal cookie.

Cinnamon Spice

A dash of cinnamon brings warmth and depth of flavor, evoking the familiar taste of homemade oatmeal cookies.

Vanilla Extract

A splash of vanilla extract enhances the sweetness and adds a rich aroma, reminiscent of the vanilla flavor in classic oatmeal cookies.

Almond Milk Base

Use almond milk as the liquid base for the smoothie, providing a creamy texture and nutty flavor that complements the oats and spices.

Greek Yogurt Boost

Greek yogurt adds protein and creaminess, making the smoothie more filling and nutritious.

Honey or Maple Syrup

For added sweetness, a drizzle of honey or maple syrup can be included, enhancing the cookie-like flavor without overpowering it.

Ice Cubes

Add a handful of ice cubes to make the smoothie chilled and refreshing, perfect for enjoying on a warm day.

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