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The Candle You Should Burn, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Channel your fiery spirit with a bold blend of invigorating citrus notes like grapefruit and orange, balanced with warm spices like cinnamon and clove.


Indulge your love for luxury with a comforting blend of sweet vanilla bean and soft cashmere musk. This rich and inviting scent creates a sense of tranquility and indulgence


Embrace your ever-changing moods with a clean and refreshing blend of crisp linen and calming lavender. This light and airy scent keeps your mind clear and stimulates your social nature.


Reflect your nurturing side with a calming blend of ocean breeze and fresh sea salt. This evocative scent evokes feelings of nostalgia, security, and reminds you of cherished memories.


Own your spotlight with a luxurious blend of uplifting bergamot and warm sandalwood. This confident and sophisticated scent reflects your bold personality and desire to make a statement.


Embrace your clean aesthetic with a calming blend of freshly cut grass and invigorating white tea. This crisp and natural scent reflects your grounded nature and appreciation for simplicity.


Seek harmony with a beautifully balanced blend of delicate peony and its blooming blossom. This elegant and romantic scent reflects your appreciation for beauty and creates a peaceful ambiance.


Channel your mysterious side with an alluring blend of earthy patchouli and warm amber. This deep and complex scent reflects your enigmatic personality and creates an air of intrigue.


Fuel your wanderlust with an exotic blend of spiced rum and creamy coconut. This adventurous scent ignites your imagination and takes you on a tropical journey.


Command respect with a sophisticated blend of rich leather and grounding cedarwood. This classic and masculine scent reflects your ambition and creates a sense of power and focus.


Express your individuality with a unique and refreshing blend of rain and clean ozone. This stimulating scent reflects your progressive spirit and inspires new ideas.


Embrace your artistic side with a calming blend of relaxing lavender and ethereal sea mist. This dreamy and introspective scent reflects your gentle personality