The Candle You Should Burn, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


You're red hot, Aries! Your fire sign energy gives you the confidence to chase down your dreams and worry about the details later.


You're a lover of the finer things in life, Taurus, which means your taste in home decor tends to skew luxurious. Y


You love to shake things up, Gemini. As the carefree social butterfly of the zodiac, you're never content to stay in one place for too long.


As a water sign, you bring comforting energy with you wherever you go.


As the fiery scene stealer of the zodiac, there's nothing subtle about your style.


For you, choosing a candle scent can be a tricky endeavor. You have an eye for details, and you're very particular about your tastes.


Charming and witty, you're always being pulled into new social situations, which is where you thrive.


You have a refined taste, Scorpio. As a passionate and highly intuitive water sign, you enjoy a candle scent with some boldness and depth.


You're a thrill seeker, Sagittarius. As a fire sign, nothing is more important to you than following the flame of your heart's desire.


Simple and elegant, you don't like clutter in your life, Capricorn.


You're the eccentric one of the zodiac, Aquarius. Your love of the unusual will often take your life in thrilling and unexpected directions.


Compassionate, dreamy, and a bit mystical, you're a deep thinker, Pisces.