The History and Evolution of Yeezy Slides


The Yeezy brand was founded by Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas in 2015, initially focusing on high-performance sneakers.

Debut of Yeezy Slides

Yeezy Slides made their debut as part of the Yeezy Season 6 collection in 2017, showcasing a minimalist design with a foam construction.

Iterative Design

Over the years, Yeezy Slides underwent iterative design updates, including variations in materials, colorways, and branding details.

Popularity Surge

Yeezy Slides surged in popularity, becoming a coveted fashion item and a staple in the streetwear scene, with frequent sell-outs upon release.

Collaborative Releases

Yeezy Slides have been featured in various collaborative releases with other brands and designers, further elevating their status in the fashion world.

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities and influencers played a significant role in popularizing Yeezy Slides, often spotted wearing them in casual and red-carpet settings.

Limited Edition Releases

Limited edition releases of Yeezy Slides, including exclusive colorways and special collaborations, added to their allure and collector appeal.

Global Influence

Yeezy Slides gained global influence, transcending cultural boundaries and becoming a symbol of high-fashion streetwear worldwide.

Iterative Design

Yeezy Slides continued to evolve with iterative design updates, including adjustments to the shape, materials, and branding elements to meet consumer demands and trends.