The Jewelry You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Feisty, fiery, and full of energy, you're one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, Aries.


You're a sensual and grounded sign, so jewelry that enhances your down-to-earth energy is a must.


Geminis are the free-spirited extroverts of the zodiac. You love to make a splash with your entrance, no matter the social scene, as long as you're having fun and being your authentic self.


In addition to being a "total '90s throwback," Schmidt-Johnson adds that the ring will help your friends know "how you're feeling without you even having to crawl out of your shell."


Ruled by the sun, the planet of vitality and youth, you like to wow and need a piece of jewelry to match your extroverted personality.


Virgos have an eye for the details, and their sense of style is no exception.


For this Venus-ruled, fashion-forward sign, beauty and style are a big deal. Any jewelry that shows off your sophisticated taste is a must.


Scorpios tend to be a sign of extremes—dark and mysterious or warm and affectionate—which makes them difficult to read.


"Waist beads are the perfect accessory for travel (no tech to lose!) and hide easily under your clothes when needed," says Schmidt-Johnson.


Whether attending a fancy dinner party or just heading to work, you're always dressed to impress.


As the rebel of the zodiac, you're a lover of all things unusual and unexpected.


As the chameleon of the zodiac, you move seamlessly from trend to trend (and rock every single one).