The Tea You Should Drink, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


As an Aries, you're an energetic and confident person who loves rising early and using the morning hours to plan the day ahead.


Tauruses tend to be practical and down-to-earth. Because it's easy for you to see the big picture, you'll take all the time and effort required to reach your goals.


People born under the sign of Gemini are chatty socialites who like to keep the good times rolling.


You're the authority when it comes to cozy comfort, Cancer. You innately create a soothing and relaxing environment, so, in a way, your personality is like a warm sip of tea.


Lavish and over-the-top, you're never one to shy away from making a statement, Leo.


On the surface, Virgos read humble, reserved, and practical. And while you do possess all these qualities, you also have a flexible and fun-loving side.


Libra is known as an easygoing sign, and in most cases, you are. In work, love, and friendships, you're always willing to play the mediator and find a compromise.


The deepest and most mysterious personality of the zodiac needs a tea that packs a punch.


Feisty and warm-hearted, you view life as one grand adventure, and you're looking to see and experience it all.


As a lover of tradition, matcha tea might seem too trendy for your tastes, Capricorn. Much like the other cardinal signs, you find what works and stick with it.


Aquarians are affectionately known as the oddballs of the zodiac, as you're always looking for new ways to approach old problems or trying things that others might be too afraid to.


As the most creative sign of the zodiac, you go to great lengths to inject a bit of personality into even the most mundane moments.