Waldorf Salad: Classic Waldorf Twist

Crisp Apple Base

Begin with crisp, diced apples as the base of the salad, providing a refreshing crunch and natural sweetness that forms the essence of the Waldorf experience.

Crunchy Celery Sticks

Add crunchy celery sticks for a refreshing and crisp texture, offering a subtle savory note that complements the sweetness of the apples and grapes.

Sweet Grapes Burst

Incorporate halved sweet grapes into the salad, adding juicy bursts of flavor and a hint of natural sweetness that balances the other ingredients.

Toasted Walnuts Crunch

Sprinkle toasted walnut halves over the salad for a satisfying crunch and nutty richness, adding depth of flavor and texture to each bite.

Creamy Yogurt Dressing

Toss the salad with a creamy yogurt dressing, infused with a touch of honey and lemon juice for a light and tangy finish that ties all the flavors together.

Fresh Lemon Zest

Grate fresh lemon zest over the salad for a burst of citrusy aroma and brightness, enhancing the overall freshness of the dish.

Garnished with Fresh

Garnish the salad with chopped fresh parsley for a pop of color and herbaceous freshness, adding visual appeal and a subtle hint of flavor.

Seasoned with Salt

For an extra burst of flavor, add lemon zest to the batter, complementing the floral notes of the lavender and adding brightness to the bread.

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