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Your Guide to Zodiac-Aligned Donuts


Channel your fiery spirit with a classic jelly donut. But for the adventurous Aries, opt for a jelly with a zing! Choose flavors like raspberry habanero or lemon poppyseed for a burst of sweet and heat


Indulge your love for luxury with a classic glazed donut, elevated to new heights.  A decadent drizzle of chocolate ganache


Embrace your ever-changing moods with a donut that offers variety in every bite.  A half-glazed donut allows you to experience both the plain and the sweet, while colorful sprinkles add a playful touch


Reconnect with cherished memories with a classic Boston Kreme donut. The creamy custard filling and light glaze evoke a sense of comfort and familiarity, just like a warm hug from loved ones.


Own your spotlight with a donut that shines as bright as your personality.  A vibrantly frosted donut adorned with edible gold flakes is a showstopper


Virgos appreciate the finer things and a touch of elegance. A simple maple donut, with its perfectly caramelized glaze and subtle sweetness, reflects your love for quality and understated beauty.


Libras seek balance and harmony. A chocolate glazed donut offers the perfect marriage of rich cocoa flavor and sweetness, mirroring your desire for aesthetics and equilibrium.


Scorpios crave depth and intrigue. A chocolate glazed donut with a hidden cherry center offers a delightful surprise and complex flavor profile, much like your mysterious personality.


Your adventurous spirit craves exploration. A vanilla frosted donut with colorful sprinkles ignites your sense of fun and playfulness, just like your zest for life.


Capricorns value tradition and quality.  An almond cruller, with its classic twisted shape and delicate almond flavor, reflects your appreciation for heritage and refined taste.


Think outside the box, Aquarius!  An ube donut, with its vibrant purple color and unique yam flavor, reflects your individuality and openness to new experiences.


Your gentle and dreamy nature deserves a touch of sweetness.  A glazed donut filled with fruit jam or compote offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors, mirroring your soft and imaginative personality.